Tuesday, April 6, 2010

nightmare in blogosphere

Well... I have had a blog for just over a month now, and I have made 1 post and shared it with about 3 people. The truth is, I've pretty much lost interest already. I thought that blogging my thoughts to the world would be an exciting opportunity to share my ideas and my hopes and aspirations, but it turns out that I don't have very many of those things. So I tried to back off and not overthink it, and I immediately came up with several things that I personally find hilarious. However, there is a pretty good chance none of these will ever be published- as I said before, I recently decided that I hate blogging about myself. I need a greater purpose- a topic or specific goal in mind. However, I thought that I would pop out a quick outline just in case the day comes where I change my mind:

1. The time Patrick ate what he THOUGHT was a walnut but was actually a piece of kitty litter that kitty Jack flipped onto his lap from his little paw
2. The merits of Vodka vs Whiskey and why they affect people (me) so differently
3. My car towing incident of St. Pattys Day 2010 (If you're going to tow my car you'll have to take me with it)
4. Some possible explanations as to why Wildy gets so much more drunk than everyone I know
5. Why I think that some babies are overrated
6. A full description of the "Team Building Activity" that we had to do at work that took place at Climb Time(calamity ensued)
7. An outline of the sick, innappropriate, and overall horrifying conversation that I had with Kacie, Molly, and Molly in a recent car ride from Chicago
8. A brief overview of why "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is the best show on television, and people that think otherwise are wrong and apparently worthless
9. How Chelsea Handler and myself share the same policy on rapes, and why I think it truly will work if I ever do get the opportunity to test my theory
10. An extremely detailed explanation of facebook etiquette. (cant spell that word); more specifically, why 99% of people on facebook are misusing the status update feature as well as the mobile uploads. This will be a "how to" for those losers who are on vacation in Budapest but still manage to facebook "good morning" to the entire world and then upload a picture of their shoe or something.

So thats it- full entry to my innermost thoughts and feelings, laid out in a numbered list. We'll see if in a month or two, I am bored enough to put these into a real live post.. but until then, the 3 people in the world who read this blog will just have to wait.