Monday, May 17, 2010

Double THIS/Superbowl Bummer

Well it happened. I FINALLY ate a KFC Double Down Sandwich. I have been dreaming about enjoying one since the day they started Pre-Advertising back in January for it to be released on April 12. I generally remove some, if not all of the bread from sandwiches anyway, not because of the carbs but because I just love the meaty portion so much that it's all I want to taste. As you can imagine, this "sandwich" was truly a dream come true.
For those of you who aren't familiar, the Double Down is basically a sandwich, sans bread. 2 big juicy chicken breasts (grilled or fried), sandwiched around some bacon and some kind of delicious sauce that was the perfect combo of tangy and sweet. This sandwich has been called a lot of things- disgusting, a heart attack waiting to happen, the reason so many kids are obese, etc- all the usual cliche things. So, I did a little research. And here is what I discovered.

I ordered the Original Double down sandwich (original = fried), and I got a side of potato wedges. The sandwich itself is 540 calories, and the fries are 260. Ouch. However, had I gone to McDonalds and gotten a Big Mac and Fries, I would have been consuming - wait for it.. 540 calories in the sandwich, and 220 calories in the Fries. Here is the difference- while I would have NO problem eating an entire big mac and fries, I was literally forcing down this double down- it was delicious, but so filling that I only made it through half of it. Not to mention the fries which are still sitting in my fridge. I hope my point is proven.

On a lighter note, I was just informed that the world may end on December 21, 2012 when all the planets align and it causes mass chaos. I googled it and someone compared the chaos on earch and the poles tearing apart to "the earth being cleaved like a cabbage head." Interesting. Just my luck that the world would end 2 months before Indiana gets to host the damn Superbowl. FML.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Funemployment Blues

I am not what you would call a "worrier." I take life as it comes, and allow myself to let things that worry most people remain a small red flag locked away somewhere in the back of my mind. I sometimes worry that I compartementalize my concerns and at some point they will all come flying to the forefront and I will have some kind of a breakdown A-La Britney Spears. Until that day comes though, I don't mind my worry-free, "it will all work out" attitude. It suits me.
Thats why it came as such a shock to me that my entire department at Eli Lilly just got laid off. True, everyone else was freaking out as we went into the impromptu meeting with our out of town boss, and yes most people had been discussing how the economic climate was brewing the perfect storm for us to be eliminated, but those thoughts didn't really cross my mind. It's not like I am Polly Positivity all the time by ANY means (more like Dramatic Daria- the phrase "why does everything always happen to meeeeee" comes out of my mouth far too often), but I just feel like if something bad is going to happen in the near future and the wheels are already in motion, its best to just buckle up, not slam on the breaks and cause a major collision. Who knows.
So here I am, laid off for the second time in 12 months, (why does everything always happen to meeeee), and the thing is, despite this nagging feeling that I won't be working soon, I still feel like I am not freaking out like everyone else around here. I mean it is ALL ANYONE TALKS ABOUT. Yesterday at lunch I had reached my limit and kindly asked a coworker to "shut up and chill." That didn't settle very well with her. Not my problem that she doesn't have the worry protection that my brain provides. But I think that the difference is that I can see the big picture. Not to get philisophical or anything, but getting laid off at 25 years old is not the worst thing that will ever happen. I mean most of my coworkers are my age, childless, and single. AND renters! Nobody even owns a home. Not to mention that they all have family in the immediate area that they could move in with, worst case. I just don't understand it.
I'm sure I'll figure it all out. Until then, I'll just hop back onto funemployment and watch ABC Family on my couch with a build your own six pack by my side- not the worst way to spend a day.